Legislation PAHPM is Tracking

Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act

PCHETA has been reintroduced in the US House of Representatives with strong bipartisan support again this year.  It has yet to be reintroduced in the Senate.  Last year Senator Baldwin (D-WI) introduced, and we encourage all to contact her and their other members of Congress to support moving this legislation again through both houses this year and passing.

PCHETS's goal is to amend the Public Health Service Act to increase the number of permanent faculty in palliative care at accredited allopathic and osteopathic medical schools, nursing schools, social work schools, and other programs, including physician assistant education programs, to promote education and research in palliative care and hospice, and to support the development of faculty careers in academic palliative medicine.​

Is your representative one of those who previously supported PCHETA last year?

Below is a list of the Energy & Commerce Committee members who cosponsored PCHETA in the last Congress but have yet to sign back on during this Congress. 

Write them to encourage their support again this year!

Visit AAHPM's website for more info and an easy way to contact your member of congress.

Patient Choice and Quality Care Act

Introduced in 2017-2018 with the 115th Congress by Rep. Blumenauer (D-OR), we are hopeful similar legislation will be introduced or modeled in the 116th Congress.  Contact those who sponsored and co-sponsored the legislation below and let them know. 

HR2797 - P​atient C​hoice and Q​uality C​are A​ct of 2017 (Blumenauer,  D-OR)

S.1334 - Patient Choice and Quality Care Act of 2017 (Warner, D-VA)

 “To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for advanced illness care coordination services for Medicare beneficiaries, and for other purposes. It defines INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAM: “includes at least one physician who is board certified in geriatrics, internal medicine, or family medicine advance practice registered nurse, or physician assistant, who is a palliative specialist (defined as having a certification in hospice and palliative care) or who has at least one year’s experience providing hospice or palliative care; and one social worker; may include a chaplain, minister, or pastoral counselor; other direct care personnel (including pharmacists, dietitians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and psychotherapists)."

Contact your members of Congress to encourage their support at congress.gov

 ​Medicare Patient Access to Hospice Act of 2017 

To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide “for the recognition of attending physician assistants as attending physicians to serve hospice patients, and to amend the bill by inserting “or a physician assistant” after “a nurse practitioner”.


Visit the CMS website for full details on the changes to Medicare and the FY 2019 Payment and Rate Update